A Place for Us to Write

Posted by Tyler, Chris

Building a company is hard. Building a product people want to use is hard. Trying to do both of those while bootstrapping is super hard. That’s what we’re trying to do with Limbo. As a team of two founders, we’re both trying new things outside our comfort zones and at the same time improving our skills as engineers, designers, writers, and business builders.

We want to document and share as much of our experience as possible. Unstuck is one of the ways we’re going to do that.

We both have other places we write. Chris on Medium and Tyler on his blog. Unstuck is a different format for us. We knew we wanted some type of “official” Limbo blog, but we decided we wanted the content to be easier to produce, with fewer pressures and restrictions.

We’re treating this as a living work journal where we’ll document our day-to-day throughts and activities. With it, we’re giving ourselves room to breathe. To jot down thoughts in progress. To maybe not sweat every typo, run-on, and incomplete sentence. This is more of stream of consciousness.

Expect to see short posts about all matter of things related to building Limbo. This will include but not be limited to; our thoughts on bootstrapping, Limbo feature design and development, design pattern libraries, progressive enhancement, thoughts on the hiring market, iteration on our business model, fiddly JavaScript bits, and more.

Our hope is that by documenting our process we’ll help ourselves better understand our work and maybe encourage other folks in similar situations.

Thanks for reading.

Tyler Gaw

Tyler is the Co-Founder of Limbo. He works on the Product Design and designs and builds the front-end.

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Chris Dary

Chris is the CEO & Co-Founder of Limbo. He works on the Business, Product Design and designs and builds the back-end.

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