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Reaching out to Candidates on Limbo is now free. Pay $30 only for accepted introductions.

We’re launching a big change to Limbo, our anonymous job platform, today: Finding and reaching out to a candidate is now free. You only pay a reasonable $30 when a candidate shows interest and reveals themselves.

This means you can search Limbo, find a great potential candidate for your role, and reach out to them all for free. You only pay when you’ve got a great, interested lead.

We think Limbo now represents the smoothest way to find great folks who are quietly considering their next leap. These folks are often more senior or have diverse backgrounds. We hope you find the perfect match for you or your team.

How Limbo Works

An illustration explaining how Limbo works
Managers Find Candidates & Reach Out for Free. Candidates Vet and Respond to Reveal Requests. Hiring Managers Pay for Accepeted Reveals.

Why Now?

Previously on Limbo you were charged a fee on request — whether a Candidate was interested in your role or not. We’re moving to charge only for a revealed request for two reasons:

  1. We’re much less concerned about spam or low quality reachouts than we were before launch. Both Profiles and Companies on Limbo have been very high quality to date, meaning we have a strong Reveal Rate. (More than half of all Reveal Requests are revealed.) This means we should encourage more conversations, not less.
  2. A key piece of feedback we received from hiring managers is that it felt risky to pay money if you’re weren’t sure you’d hear back, and it was off-putting to be charged on a declined request. Charging only when a hiring manager gets direct value is our ideal, and we think will lead to more productive conversations for you all (and more money for us as a result!)

Balancing Free and High Quality Requests

How do we plan to keep Reveal Requests high quality if they are free? We track individual “Reveal Rates” and impose speed limits: Hiring Managers may have up to 10 open reveal requests at one time to start. If you’re a great hiring manager and your Reveal Rate is high—meaning Candidates are accepting your requests—we’ll increase that limit as you’re using Limbo as intended. If your Reveal Rate is very low, we may decrease that limit. This is to encourage tailored, high quality Reveal Requests. This is also mentioned in our Code of Conduct.

Pre-pay for Reveals for a Discount (up to 40%!)

With this change we’re also introducing bulk payment. We’re happy if you use the service as is and are charged for each Reveal, but if you’d like to buy for you or your team in advance, you can save a lot of money — up to 40%. If you’re excited about this, now would be a good time to pre-pay for some Reveals.

Illustration of new bulk paying options
We now offer steep discounts for buying Reveals in bulk.

Thanks to our Early Customers

If you’ve purchased Reveal Requests on Limbo already, all credits purchased will automatically convert to pre-paid Reveals. The care you’ve put into your early Reveal Requests and Profiles is one of the primary reasons we can make this change. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Chris Dary

Chris is the CEO & Co-Founder of Limbo. He works on the Business, Product Design and designs and builds the back-end.

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