New Feature: Pinned Profiles

Posted by Tyler, Chris

As a Hiring Manager, you can now keep track of great Profiles you don’t want to forget. We added the ability to Pin Profiles and view all your Pins on your Dashboard.

Animated gif showing the Profile Pinning button in use

This was a feature request from some of our first users—it’s one of those features that feels like a must-have.

Stylized screenshot of the Pins section of a Hiring Manager Dashboard
Hiring Managers now of a Pins section of their Dashboard

Sometimes you know this is the Profile, and you’re ready to request a reveal right then. As the number of high-quality Profiles increases you might want to save a few and make the decision later.

You also might not be hiring for a certain position at the time, but want to keep Profiles in mind for a future position.

This is also a feature that’ll help us internally. When we’re doing Profile review, we like to keep track of notable Profiles to share with our customers. This will make it way easier for us to do that.

Since launch, we’ve focused our efforts on making the Hiring Manager experience the best it can be. This is one small step in that direction.

Let us know what you think. You can talk to us on Twitter @limboio or email us at

Thanks for reading.

Tyler Gaw

Tyler is the Co-Founder of Limbo. He works on the Product Design and designs and builds the front-end.

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Chris Dary

Chris is the CEO & Co-Founder of Limbo. He works on the Business, Product Design and designs and builds the back-end.

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